A Year to remember

From Many, One...

This award harkens back to my days (daze?) as a project manager for Merisel America. Pulling off the Price Guide took programmers, graphic artists, editors, writers, and proofers. What's worse, it was subject to approval of over 30 departments! And pulling it all together was one person -- me! It was a hard-earned award, and one I'm distinctly proud of.

Excellence? just doing myjob

A Team Arises

To make a 5,000 page quarterly publication, it was up to me to put a series of processes and people together to produce the book as quickly and (cost) effectively as possible. For that, I also got Cheescake Factory coupons!

It's all about the connections

Establishing a network

I set up a process for getting things approved, signed, and produced quickly, Apparently no one thought of it before. Or thought of something that efficient. Either way, I got some props for it.

A Big surprise

From outside my company

APEX is a big award for marketing people. And I was happy to take this one home with me at night's end. I put in serious hours on that catalog, and it was all worth it.


There are those times I get a little recognition, both for my writing and just being a cool guy. Here are some of those times: